The Austrian Football Bundesliga is the top division of the domestic football league in Austria. It is comprised of 10 teams.

The Austrian Football Bundesliga was founded in the 1974-1975 season but the first Austrian football championship was engineered way back in 1911. Since then a number of attempts were made and a number of restructuring of the leagues were done trying out various formats but it was only on April 21,1974 that the Bundesliga was create.

Sport Soccer
Country Austria Austria
Founded 1974
Teams 10
Teams promoted / relegated 1

The Bundesliga was organized by the Austrian Football Association and in 1976 the Nationalliga was renamed as the Bundesliga - Second Division and the Bundesliga assumed the name Bundesliga - First Division.

On December 1,1991 the Austrian Football Bundesliga was admitted to the Austrian Football Association as a federation. The Bundesliga is legally a non-profit organization and is represented by an acting executive commitee.