The IFA Premiership, formerly known as the Irish Premier League and often currently known as the Irish League, is the top division of the football league in Northern Ireland. It is comprised of 12 clubs.

The Irish League is the second-oldest national league in the world and was formed a week earlier than the Scottish Football League. It was originally formed as the football league all all of Ireland and not only of Northern Ireland in 1890. In 1921 the Irish League became an exclusive a league for clubs of Northern Ireland.

Sport Soccer
Country Northern Ireland Northern Ireland
Founded 2008
Teams 11
Teams promoted / relegated 2

From the 1995-1996 season until 2002-2003 season the Irish League was split into two divisions, the Premier Division and the First Division. In 2003, thought, there have been only one division. In 2008 the Irish League was re-organized and was rechristened as the Irish Premiership.

Each team in the Irish Premiership plays each other three times. After the 33rd round of matches are placed, the 12 teams are divided in the top six team and the bottom six teams. The top six teams play each other once to decide who wins the championship while the bottom six teams play each other once to decide who gets relegated. The team that finishes bottom gets automatically relegated to the IFA Championship and are replaced by the winners of that division while the second bottom team enter a playoff against the second-placed Championship team.