The Finnish Premier League, also known as the Veikkaisliiga, is the top division of the domestic football league in Finland. It is comprised of 14 teams and is ranked as the 30th best league in Europe.

The Finnish Premier League was founded in 1990. Before that it was known as the Mestaruussarja (championship series) and it has been known by this name since 1930. The league is conducted in summer months usually from April to October with the team playing each other twice, once at home and once away from home. At the end of the season the team that collects the maximum number of points is declared the winner while the team that finishes bottom of the pile is relegated to the second division and is replaced by the winner of that division.

Sport Soccer
Country Finland Finland
Founded 1990
Teams 14
Teams promoted / relegated 2

Most of the clubs participating in the Finnish Premier League are professional clubs, although a few are semi-professionals.