Forming the regionalized fourth division in the Argentine Football Association’s league structure, is the Torneo Argentino B division. At par with the Primera C Metropolitana, the league caters to teams from regions around the country except those based in Buenos Aires and the Greater Buenos Aires area.

The first round of the Torneo Argentino B has 48 clubs that are divided into 6 zonal groups of 8 clubs each. After four rounds of matches, the top two teams from each group, along with 4 best-third placed teams, make it to second round of the season. In the second round, the 16 teams are divided into 4 groups of 4 teams each with home & away fixtures between each team. The group winners move into the final round that consists of a two finals determined over two legs, home & away. The winner from each playoff gains direct promotion into the Torneo Argentino A division whereas the two losing teams face a home-away playoff with two teams from the Torneo Argentino A division.

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The bottom six teams in the first group stage undergo a two-legged promotion-relegation playoff with teams from Torneo Argentino C to determine whether they stay up or go down.