The Torneo Argentino A division forms the regionalized third tier of Argentine football. The league is at the same level, structurally, as the Primera B Metropolitana however unlike the Metropolitana league, the Torneo Argentino A division is meant for teams from across the country but not the Buenos Aires city or the area surrounding it.

The league has 25 teams which are divided into three groups of 8 - 8 - 9 teams. Held between August & April, the tournament undergoes a home-away league format within the group. For the final phase, the top 8 teams from each of the three groups are selected and placed in two groups of 4 teams each. Involved in another round of home-away fixtures, the top team in each group participates in a playoff for qualification for the Primera B Nacional division While the winner of the tie gains promotion, the loser goes into a promotion-relegation playoff with a Primera B Nacional side.

Sport Soccer
Country Argentina Argentina
Founded 1995
Teams 0
Teams promoted / relegated 3

Relegation in the league is simpler as the worst two teams, of the bottom three, are automatically relegated whereas the third worst team in the league, and the 7th best team in the final phase playoff group, have another promotion-relegation match to determine who goes down.