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Started: 06 PM, Wed Jul 22 2015 UEFA Champions League Venue: Stadion Miejski Attendance: 22,205
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  • 0' The game was played in UEFA Champions League on Wednesday July 22.
  • 6' KKS Lech Poznań took the lead when Douglas scored the first goal.
  • 16' Dudka was shown a yellow card.
  • 20' Alispahić was shown a yellow card.
  • 40' Tatomirović was shown a yellow card.
  • 54' Duljević was substituted for Velkoski by Fudbalski klub Sarajevo
  • 59' Stepanov was shown a yellow card.
  • 69' Hämäläinen was substituted for Jevtic by KKS Lech Poznań
  • 72' Dudka was substituted for Tetteh by KKS Lech Poznań
  • 77' Radovac was substituted for Stojčev by Fudbalski klub Sarajevo
  • 78' Pawłowski was substituted for Lovrencsics by KKS Lech Poznań
  • 85' Al. Bekić was substituted for Hebibović by Fudbalski klub Sarajevo
  • 90' Barbarić was shown a yellow card.



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