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Chelsea v Swansea City live & preview Premier League 2014-15: Table-topping contest

Table-toppers Chelsea and Swansea go head to head in their fourth round fixture in the Premier League 2014-15.

This is a match that depicts the heavy underdogs Swansea against the giants Chelsea. Jose Mourino’s Blues have had a fantastic season start so far with three victories in 3 games including a sublime 6-3 victory against Everton in an away game at Goodison Park.

Interestingly, Swansea are also undefeated, also with a clean sheet, and put in a compact display against Manchester United in the opening game of the season.

Chelsea look rampant this season. Playing at Stamford Bridge is always a formidable mission for any team, but for Swansea it looks like a gigantic mountain. The world-class players forming up the Blues line-up, have displayed so far some crisp and precise attacking play. The only problem for them will be not to become complacent.

The advent of Diego Costa has proven so far to be one of the best decisions Chelsea took this year. Not only does he lead the club’s scoring list, but also remedied the drought in the offensive line that Mourinho had to contend with last season. It will be a point of interest to see what will happen with Didier Drogba at his side.

But we are talking about a Premier League fixture which is always prone to surprises and that fact alone cannot rule out a fantastic looking Welsh side that came out of Old Trafford unscathed.

Playing against the Blues will require of them to stretch everything they have over the field and into their attacks, always bearing in mind that all it will take is a swift counter attack from Chelsea.

Taking a look at both teams’ statistics over the first three fixtures so far, they suggest that a draw is the most possible of outcomes.

However, it is extremely hard to play at Stamford Bridge and even more so, if one of the two sides does not have the array of world class superstars to deploy on the field. The expectation is that Swansea will give it a gutsy try, but eventually come out defeated.

Rajeev mcallister
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