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Brazil v Mexico World Cup 2014 preview & live

Brazil v Mexico World Cup 2014 preview & live Photo: TT

Group A will see Brazil go head to head against Mexico as the second round of matches kick off for the group stages. The match will be played at the Estadio Castelao at Fortaleza on Tuesday, June 17.

Brazil go into the game as favorites having won their Cup opener against Croatia 3-1. However, there is a lot of work to do for the home team defensively if they are to go far in the tournament. While a winning score of 3-1 looks convincing, the manner in which Brazil got the victory was far from convincing.

The home team enjoyed enormous protection from the Japanese referee who denied Croatia a clear goal and at least one penalty appeal that looked like a clear penalty. Brazil were also awarded a soft penalty in the other instance. There will be a lot of scrutiny on the referee going into this match and there is a need for Brazil to get their act right against Mexico.

The Selecao clearly have one of the best defences of the tournament at least on paper. They boast three of the costliest defenders in world football in Dani Alves, Thiago Silva, and David Luiz. The Brazilian left back, Marcelo is one of the best in his positions and has recently scored in the Champions’ League final for Real Madrid as the team from the Spanish capital lifted the coveted trophy for the tenth time in their illustrious history.

The likes of Oscar and Neymar will represent a potent threat for the opposition. As they illustrated last Thursday, the duo are the ones to take the game to the opposition while the others usually take their lead. The likes of Hulk and Fred will also be looking to get in on the action on Tuesday.

Mexico defeated Cameroon 1-0 to claim second spot in the group for the time being with a disciplined performance. The likes of Rafael Marquez and Hector Moreno held their own against the marauding Samuel Eto’o in the opener. However, Neymar and co will represent a far tougher test altogether.

Hector Herrera, Marco Fabian, and Jose Vasquez played well collectively for Mexico against Cameroos, however, they will need to try and create more chances against the Brazilians, who have looked jittery at the back in their first match. Javier Hernandez is expected to start the game with Oribe Peralta, the match-winner against Cameroon for company.

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