The five steps that Manchester United fans expect of David Moyes

Manchester United finally ended their string of defeats with a 2-0 victory over Swansea. After losing to Sunderland in the FA Cup, Swansea in the League Cup and Tottenham in the league, the criticism and discontent of the Manchester United fans grew and grew. The big question is, where do United go from here? Can the Red Devils turn their season around or will they continue to decline. I think that Manchester United can turn their season around, especially if David Moyes follows these steps.

1. Clearing out the deadwood: David Moyes needs to overhaul his squad in a radical fashion. Moyes has already indicated that Anderson and Nani are surplus to requirements after failing to impress in the chances provided to them.

By clearing out these two respected squad member, Moyes will be able to show that he means business. Any player who isn’t pulling his weight will find themselves close to the Old Trafford exit, especially as the new manager will want to bring in his own players.

Other players who are likely to leave or who are on their last chance are Alexander Buttner, Fabio, Tom Cleverley, Ashley Young, Kiko Macheda and Javier Hernandez.

2. Rebuilding the squad: United have an average squad of 29 and several key players are nearing the end of their careers, especially Ryan Giggs (40), Rio Ferdinand (35), Nemanja Vidic (32), Patrice Evra (32), Michael Carrick (32) and Robin van Persie (30) are seeing injuries taking their toll.

Naturally with players leaving or retiring, new signings or internal promotions will have to be made. With the January transfer window under way, United fans will be hoping for a better performance from their marketing director Ed Woodward in making the deals happen.

Several big names have been linked with Man U and area’s that need strengthening are the midfield, a creative midfielder and the left-back position. Of course, this rebuilding will take time, maybe even a few seasons.

3. Results: There are no two ways about this, David Moyes needs to provide results. United fans are not used to losing many matches, but the defeats to teams like Newcastle, West Bromwich Albion, Sunderland and Swansea reflected a terrible performance by the team. For all the doom and gloom and negativity, United still have a good squad, however they have been unlucky with injuries too. It is pivotal that United make or challenge for the top 4 places in order to continuously attract high quality players

4. Trust in Youth: Manchester United became world renown after several academy players went on to win the treble in 1999. Now dubbed the class of ‘92, these players gripped the footballing world and became legends in their own right. The names Ryan Giggs, David Beckham and Paul Scholes re-ignite memories of swirling red shirts scoring goals for fun.

New talents such as Adnan Januzaj, Nick Powell, Jesse Lingard and the Keane brothers are emerging and could provide that youthful exuberance which will bring a smile back to Manchester United supporters faces.

5. Work the transfer market: David Moyes is a good manager and has generally operated well in the transfer market. While at Preston North End and Everton, Moyes had to be a shrewd negotiator and get the best possible signing for the cheapest price. A current look at the Everton squad will vindicate his legacy. Players were bought for minimal amounts and have seen their market price sky-rocket after several impressive seasons. After relying on a small budget for such a lengthy period, United fans are still a bit unsure whether having ‘too much’ money might cause problems for Moyes.

It is important to the fans that Manchester United can still challenge for the big names and land them too. The signing of Marouane Fellaini was out of desperation after failing to land Fabregas, Khedira, Herrera and Daniele de Rossi. Fellaini himself hasn’t impressed at all which has left many United fans scratching their heads if he was worth the £27 million. However a lot of the work has to come from Ed Woodward, who has replaced David Gill.

Gill and Sir Alex Ferguson worked very well together and brought several big signings to the club, Moyes and Woodward have some very big shoes to fill in this regard.

Manchester United need to survive the transitional period that they are currently experiencing Handling the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson was always going to be a tough task and no manager could have produced a seamless transition.

David Moyes has all the skills, attributes and qualities to lead Manchester United for the next few years and will reap the benefits too. Moyes needs to provide results and also overhaul the squad, which isn’t an easy task, however it is a challenge he must accept and attempt to find a solution to the best of his abilities.

Moyes will receive plenty of time by the board to achieve the tasks required of him, however he must also make sure that the fans are kept happy by United’s winning ways.

For the first time in years, Manchester United are now looking at a possibility that they might now make the top 4. With Liverpool suddenly emerging as a contender after years in the wilderness and Arsenal refusing to give up on their title hopes, a top 4 place could become impossible for Manchester United this season.

Even though United now only can hope for an outside chance, the fans will expect the same drive and commitment throughout the rest of the season from their manager, their team and from themselves too.

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