Donadoni; Del Piero Betrayed Me

The sacked and busted Italian national team coach Roberto Donadoni has continued to defend himself as the Italians continue their outpour of resentment towards him for the failure of Italy to trek beyond the quarter-finals of Euro 2008.roberto donadoni

Italy were knocked out of the last 8 stage by Spain after the match dragged to penalties. Spain won it 4-2 with Italy missing two of their spot-kicks. Donadoni has now claimed in an Italian newspaper that that wouldn’t have been the case had Alessandro del Piero taken the first penalty kick.

Roberto Donadoni claims that he had asked the Juventus striker to take the first kick but he had refused to do so, insisting that he would take the fifth one. But Del Piero never had the chance to take the fifth one as two of his teammates missed their respective spot-kicks and that was the end of the Azzurri challenge in Austria and Germany.

Donadoni’s claim though doesn’t quite make much sense. Even if Del Piero had taken the first kick and had scored, Italy could still have been knocked out!

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