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Top 10 Argentina Footballers of All Time

lionel messi argentinaHere Sports Pundit looks at the best 10 footballers hailing from Argentina of all time.

10. Hernan Crespo

The second highest goalscorer in the history of Argentine football, Crespo is one of those players who was always overshadowed by an illustrious partner. Forever the second-in-command with Batistuta in the lineup, he never really got his dues.

09. Gabriel Batistuta

The highest goalscorer for Argentina, Batistuta was truly one of the greats from the country. An absolutely fantastic finisher, he was part of too many memorable moments to miss out of this list.

08. Jorge Burruchaga

He wasn’t the best player in the team and neither the most skilful. What Burruchaga had was a whole lot of courage and determination, and he made it all count when on the pitch. Also, he scored the winning goal at the 1986 World Cup, so that makes him a definite entry to this list.

07. Sergio Goycochea

He may have been second choice to Nery Pumpido but Pumpido’s biggest contribution to the Argentine team was to break his leg against the Soviet Union. Goycochea came on and never looked back as he helped Argentina get to the finals with fantastic performances, especially during the penalty shootouts.

06. Lionel Messi

He may be the youngest on the list but he certainly has more potential than most. With enough power to be the best ever, Messi carries huge expectations on his modest shoulders. That he can keep up with them with fantastic performances for his club, is sensational. He has yet to reveal that side for the Albiceleste although it has to be said that football is a team game and his team has let him down.

05. Javier Zanetti

There is no greater footballing engine than the one in Javier Zanetti. At his age, he can outlast players half his age, on the football pitch. Add to that his masterly control over the game as well as his ability to still hold the likes of Lionel Messi at bay, surely makes him one of the best ever, out there for Argentina.

04. Mario Kempes

He won the Golden boot at the 1978 world cup, in front of home fans, and took Argentina to a fantastic triumph against a brilliant Dutch side. That he was one of the finest finishers the world of football has ever seen, is undoubted.

03. Daniel Passarela

He was the man who allowed the likes of Diego Maradona to go forth and wreak havoc. Passarela was one of the best defensive midfielders in the game and with him holding the fort Argentina went on to scale unimaginable heights. Some even go as far to say that Passarela was the real reason why Argentina won in 1978. The only player to have won both the titles for his country, Passarela remains one of the greats from Argentina

02. Alfredo di Stefano

He may not have won the world cup but that was only because Argentina never had a strong side at the time. He may not have been the greatest player ever to play for Argentina, because he just played 6 times for them, however, he is surely one of the greatest to come out of the country.

01. Diego Armando Maradona

There is no doubt that Diego Maradona is the greatest footballer ever to grace the game. That means that he is surely the greatest to play for Argentina. Having single-handedly won his country the 1986 world cup, Maradona would become known as one of the greatest naturally talented players to step onto the pitch. His praise, as much as you can do, would be less and today, Maradona remains unparalleled despite numerous comparisons and attempts to remove him from his throne.

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    Really Argentina team is like an emotion for us as well as Asian people. But they should make more strong their deffence. What is thinking they for 2014 world cup for deffence

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    .... and Sivori?

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    10. J.S. Veron 9. A. Ortega 8. J. Zanetti 7. M. Kempes 6. G. Batistuta 5. J. Zanetti 4. Passarela 3. Maradona 2. Alfredo Di Stefano 1. Messi

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    Fillol is the best Argentinian goalkeeper of all time.

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    Shit list

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    To say that Pumpido's greatest contribution to Argentina was to break his leg against the Soviet Union is just an asinine statement. He was in goal when they won the cup in 1986!

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    i wish u could hve hd ore players