Top 10 English Footballers of All Time

10. Peter Shilton

He was probably not the best goalkeeper to come out of England and nor was he the most famous. However, there was something about Peter Shilton that brought out the best in the players out there. He was known for his charisma and ability to drive his team ahead.

09. Peter Taylor

Another goalkeeper, Taylor was one of the best goalkeepers to never play for England. He just happened to be born in a time when there were better players, however for those who have seen his influence on a football pitch, will never disagree.

08. Kevin Keegan

He was said to be the first superstar in English football, someone who started attracting media attention. Keegan was truly one of the best players in the world, during the 1970s and 80s. Crowned European footballer of the year two years in a row, and was surely one of the best players to come out of England.

07. Glenn Hoddle

He was easily one of the most gifted footballers in the world and as a midfield general, left nothing to chance. Despite his height, Hoddle had fantastic balance and control, with flawless passing and a fantastic vision. Hoddle was truly one of the greats of British football, from every angle.

06. Jimmy Greaves

The third highest goalscorer for England, Greaves was someone to remember dearly. With a fantastic scoring record for Chelsea and the national team, Greaves became one of the most feared strikers of all time, to don the white & red of England.

05. Billy Wright

The first player in the world to play 100 times for their country, Billy Wright was a leader and footballer par excellence. He captained England for a record 90 games, and was easily the main stay in a team that was considered to be one of the most formidable units in the world.

04. Paul Gascoigne

When it comes to being gifted, there has been none better than Paul Gascoigne. He is easily the most influential player in the middle of the pitch, in this list, but stands so far below due to his lack of silverware. Had his career gone on like every other footballer’s, Gascoigne would have gone on to match the likes of Roberto Baggio. However, had his career gone on like every other footballer’s, he wouldn’t have been the Gazza we all love.

03. Bryan Robson

Captain Marvel, he was called, as he took Manchester United to the Cup Winners’ Cup, three FA cups and also captained England 65 times, just behind Bobby Moore and Billy Wright. A fantastic leader on the pitch and a sensational reader of the game, Robson is truly a great of British football.

02. Bobby Charlton

There are some that may argue that Bobby Charlton was the best English footballer ever. However, there is little doubt that he would not have been as good as he was, if he didn’t have the support he had. Undoubtedly, one of the most fantastic midfielders of all time, Charlton is widely regarded as one of the most complete players of all time.

01. Bobby Moore

Only to be pipped to the top by this man! In 1966, Moore led the England team to a world cup triumph, which no other Englishman could have claimed to. He was a fantastic footballer and a brilliant leader, a true genius on the football pitch. Despite his lack of pace, Moore had fantastic presence and easily had everything needed to be the top player from his country.

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    shut up u clown bryan robson was great

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    This is complete drivel Peter Taylor? - Where did you get him from? Keegan, Wright and Robson also have no place in the top ten. The correct answer is 1. Matthews; 2 Moore; 3 Charlton; 4 Finney; 5 Shilton; 6 Edwards; 7 Greaves; 8 Hoddle; 9 Haynes; 10 Lineker