Sven happy after glorious start of season

Manchester City’s manager is happy after his team’s glorious start this season. He admits that United was better, but states:

  • It is the goals that count.

Sven got a light tap on the shoulder by antagonist Sir Alex Ferguson after the game. Many are the City fans who praise Sven after his almost implausible start.

  • It is great when you get a start like this with so many new players. The self-confidence grows and grows, he says.

  • We won the game and three wins in three games is very good. I hope we can continue like this.

About the match against Manchester United Sven says:

  • It is fantastic. But we were lucky. If the game had been determined by ball-possession and shots on goal we would have lost. But this is not what counts.

Sven tells all City fans:

  • Enjoy the night. The season is very long and we have many games to play. Today we were lucky, we will be unlucky as well.

  • It was not our day, says Sir Alex Ferguson, whose team has started the season in a less than impressive way, was not as excited.

  • We had an awful lot of chances. We played fantastic football at times, but it was not our day.

  • We wasted the chances. I do not think one can say that we were unlucky because we had so many chances that we should have netted. It is our own fault.

Despite City’s successful start, Sven is planning for new acquisitions.

  • We will buy two new players. We still have a lot to work on, such as not giving up the ball as easily when we are counterattacking, he says to Canal Plus.
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