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David Hen-Becked or simply being Beckham?

If you are David Beckham, then troubles seem to be mounting every day. To begin with, there was the move from the biggest club in the world to a “what’s its name?” club in “soccer” country. Then there was the move to AC Milan that caused problems in the US followed by the extension of the loan move that caused even more issues. Trouble in Hollywood-Land>

As if that weren’t enough, Becks returned to the United States to boos and jeers from the crowds and even had public confrontations with fans. When things just couldn’t get any worse, Landon Donovan came out publicly speaking against his team mate in true American gossip-TV style, something that David may not be accustomed to being from a more professional setup in Europe where players respect team mates more than the air-time they gain from America’s controversy loving TV audience.

But, was there someone else behind all this turmoil for the former England Captain? The missus maybe???

There was speculation that the initial transfer to LA may have been fueled by the wife’s need for a life close to her friends, namely Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Their presence at the Bernabeu during Beckham’s last days at Real Madrid, all three wearing sunglasses in night fixtures, was a regular sight.

Whether Cruise and Holmes understand the sport is a different matter. But what was important was this urge to be with them, that may have forced David Beckham to listen to Victoria’s demands of going off to LA. Whether the arguments of David’s escapades with other women, which became public during his time at Madrid, were used to draw a bargain is something that we might never know but what we do know is that the sudden need to improve the standard of the game in the USA was a statement that not many would believe.The best football he played for some time - at AC Milan>

There was his son’s medical condition that needed attention too but were the reasons for the move football-related? Everything seems to suggest that football had nothing to do with his move. The fact that his contract exceeded anything the sport has seen in that country was merely an incentive that may have been fueled by outside sources as well, just to see the transfer go through. Coming out with it - straight>

All things said and done, David is now back in the United States of America, playing soccer, in a league which Lothar Matthaus called amateurish, at best. While the American national team is quite a handful at times, they can attribute their success to the players travelling to greener pastures in Europe for better exposure to football.

Now, England coach Fabio Capello feels that to be taken seriously for the World Cup squad, Beckham needs to do another take on his loan spell at Milan, albeit at any other European club. David’s spell at Milan was considered a huge success both by AC Milan as well as by David himself who got himself back into the reckoning in the national team.

However the difference in the standards of the club levels in the two continents means that unless Beckham plays at the top level with a big club after Christmas, his World Cup dream may be as good as finished. Capello said that David knows his status and also knows what needs to be done to set things right.Was this what it was all about???>

“Beckham knows well that if he doesn’t return to a big European championship in December he’ll have no chance for the World Cup,” the Italian coach of England, said.

David may be nearing the end of his playing career and in all true senses, this may be his last chance at the World Cup. For a player who has won almost everything else there is to win, this elusive trophy may be out of reach even before the tournament begins.

And if, by some long shot, England do go on to win the World Cup then trying to imagine David sitting with Tom and Katie, along with Victoria, looking on as John Terry lifts the trophy overhead would be a heartbreaking sight.

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    Rebecca Moros is my favorite pylear. I love her! She is a great soccer pylear and is super nice and I love to watch her play. I even have the same jersey number as her. I even ditched Abby Wambach once to talk to Rebecca because that is how much I love her. She plays for the Washington Freedom.