Vicente Happy To See Koeman Leave

It’s not even been a week since Valencia presented Ronald Koeman with the sack but the players are coming out of the closet one by one. First it was Joaquin who bluntly accused the Dutchman of not paying him due respect and now his teammate Vicente comes out saying something similar.

Vicente, the player who has been beset by injuries for the last few seasons, says that Koeman was stubborn in his ideas and philosophies and underlines his indifference to others’ ideas as the most important factor in his downfall. The Spanish international winger says:

“I am happy that he has gone because the way he treated people was regretful. Even when the team was not playing well he never changed his criteria of hard-headedness and high handedness.

“It is sad, but while I have learnt something from every other coach I have played under, I learnt nothing from him. It is sad, but true.

“We have always played between with 4-4-2 or 4-4-1-1, but Koeman arrived and changed it. It did not work, but he just continued with it. We talked about it a thousand times in meetings, but he was stuck in his ways.

“Now the confidence and desire has returned and I am sure that good years lie ahead where I can can return to be the player I once was.”

But the million dollar question is now that Valencia have done with Ronald Koeman and his circus fiasco, can the players regroup themselves and dig Valencia out of the relegation mire they are currently in?

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