David Luiz' Hamstring Injury Ruined the Game for the Arsenal

David Luiz' Hamstring Injury Ruined the Game for the Arsenal Photo: TT

It was a perfect afternoon for the Arsenal when defensive midfielder, David Luiz, incurred a hamstring injury. Unfortunately, Arsenal is forced to play without Luiz, yet they managed to conclude the game with a 2-0 record over Newcastle United.

After playing a long ball, Luiz fell and was immediately checked by the sports physiologist. However, the center-back player is clearly in pain. Insiders said that Luiz didn’t struggle with the injury until recently, but this might be a side effect after not having fully recovered from a knee injury.

The 34-year old center-back is supposed to make a big comeback after his knee surgery that kept him out of pace during the entire April. When Luiz went down due to his left hamstring injury in the second half, he was immediately replaced by Calum Chambers. Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta that Luiz’s injury is not good news, because, despite Luiz’s efforts to go back with the team after his knee injury, it’s a shame that his comeback might turn out questionable.

This can only end that his contract might prematurely end with Arsenal. His contract is set to expire in the summer, however, it’s supposed to be extended until the season ends. Due to this uncontrollable event, Arsenal might have to readjust the team, especially in their current defensive line.

Arsenal’s target is to win big at the Europa League, so they can proceed to qualify in the Champions League. They have a good record of 2-1, and are determined enough to win the next games without Luiz’s presence.

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