Players in European Super League face World Cup Ban

Players in European Super League face World Cup Ban Photo: TT
Players in European Super League face World Cup ban

Any players who join a breakaway European Super League will be banned from playing in the World Cup and other international football competitions.

It follows a statement issued by FIFA and the six international football confederations, in which they have reiterated their position that they would refuse to recognise such a competition were it to be created.

As a consequence, any player who featured in it would be excluded from the World Cup, and other major football tournaments such as the Euros, the Copa Amrica, and the African Cup of Nations.

The idea of a European Super League has been mooted for years, with the continents richest and most famous clubs breaking away from their own domestic competitions to form one league, with games being played midweek to a TV audience of hundreds of millions. There would be no promotion or relegation, with top games guaranteed every week.

Last year the plans seemed to move a step closer when it was revealed that US investment bank JP Morgan were prepared to bankroll such a league and Liverpool and Manchester United, both of whom have American owners, prominent in their backing of it (although both hastily distanced themselves from the scheme following a furious fan backlash).

Many fans are opposed to the plans because it would concentrate even more money and broadcast revenue in the hands of a coterie of elite clubs, and undermine decades of traditional. And football authorities are opposed because it threatens the integrity of domestic leagues, and would impoverish smaller clubs, who would no longer have big pay days against bigger teams to help swell the coffers.

Now FIFA and the other governing bodies have attempted to head such plans off at the pass with their threat.

And they have been joined by the European Commission who are also fundamentally opposed to such proposals. They have said that football is a game for the masses, not just for the rich and the privileged.

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