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World Cup Qualifying Seedings Determined

World Cup Qualifying Seedings Determined Photo: TT
World Cup Qualifying Seedings Determined

The World Cup qualifying seedings have now been determined for the 55 European teams, ahead of the draw which will take place at UEFA headquarters in Zurich on December 7th.

The participating teams have been segregated into five pots, with the top seeded teams being Belgium, France, England, Spain, Portugal. Germany, Italy, Denmark, Croatia, and the Netherlands.

The other teams have been split across the other pots according to their FIFA world rankings that means, for example, Wales are in Pot two, and Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland are in Pot Three.

Five Groups will have five teams, whilst the other five groups consisting of six teams, with the sixth being one of the nations considered the weakest in Europe for example, Gibraltar, San Marino, and Andorra.

Due to political reasons, certain nations will be kept apart in qualifying Ukraine cannot play Russia, Spain Gibraltar, and Kosovo cannot play Russia, Serbia, or Bosnia.

At the same time, certain countries in Northern Europe the Baltic countries, Scandinavia. Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus are deemed at risk of severe weather conditions, - so a maximum of two such teams can be drawn in the same group together.

Asa further complication, where excessive travel restrictions are in place because of the pandemic, a maximum of one pair of particular teams can be drawn in the same group. Kazakhstan is the most obvious example there are a slew of countries which restrict travel to the former Soviet Republic at the moment.

Europe has 13 designated spots at Qatar 2022, and they will be filled by the 10 group winners, plus three from the play-offs.

Matches will begin at the end of March 21 and the intention is to complete all the Groups by the end of November. The play-offs will then be held at the end of March 2022.

The 2022 Qatar World Cup is being held in the winter months because of the extreme summer heat in the Middle East kingdom.

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