Levante Players To Go On Strike

Levante are the make-me-laugh of Spanish football and the latest chapter in their mostly rocky history is more about tragedy than comedy. The players have decided to go on strike on April 25 and 26 demanding that all their remaining money be paid inside the next week.

Levante are bottom of the league, 15 points from safety and are almost guaranteed to drop into the Segunda Division. That will surely result in player exodus and the repurcussions could be damaging for the club.

The Levante hierarchy was rocked on Thursday when the players made their captain the spokesman and told a press conference about the imminent striker. The club wasted no time in declaring this on their website:

“The club fully respects the player’s right to strike. By the same measure of reciprocity, and in the case that the strike goes ahead, the club will take the relevant legal action to protect the interests of the club.

“Given the help offered and given by the Valencia City Council the club believes the calling of a strike to be inopportune and, should it go ahead, potentially seriously damaging to the competition of the Primera Liga.

“Levante UD is aware of the delay in the solutions offered to its workers, but it must state that it has never failed to punctually inform anyone of the state of negotiations.

“The board of directors is working continuously, intensely and selflessly, arm in arm with the city council, to find the economic and sporting solutions to the problems affecting this club.”

But you have to side with the players. True, they do not have much quality and that is reflected in their league standings but they need to get paid!

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