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Ronaldo Denies Breaking Quarantine

Ronaldo Denies Breaking Quarantine Photo: TT
Ronaldo Denies Breaking Quarantine

Cristiano Ronaldo has denied claims by the Italian Sports Minister that he had breached any of the country’s coronavirus protocol.

The accusation had been made on Thursday by Vincenzo Spadafora who said that the Juventus striker had breached the protocols after allegedly breaking the quarantine with Juventus, his Italian club, to join the national team of Portugal, before he came back to Italy when he tested positive for the virus.

Separate reports suggested that Ronaldo, and a number of the clubs other players faced prosecution and potential fines for breaching the rules.

However, he has now hit back on social media, saying that he only travelled after he permitted to return, and hasn’t been in close contact with anyone.

He also accused unnamed people in Italy of having an agenda against him.

Ronaldo is currently quarantined in Turin where he has a house, after travelling from Portugal in an ambulance, and then a medical flight which was approved by the relevant medical authorities. He is alone, separated from the rest of his family, who have been allocated a different floor. He will also not be able to have contact with them for a few days from here on.

The Juventus team had been placed in isolation before the international break after two non-playing members of staff tested positive for the virus. Under the procedures agreed between Italys health and ports ministries, those players who have tested negative for the virus are still slowed to play and train but were not allowed to have contact with the outside world until serving their quarantine period.

That has now passed, but the entire team will need to isolate yet again after Weston McKennie, in a completely unrelated incident to Ronaldo’s also tested positive for Covid-19.

Ronaldo will miss this weekends Serie A game with Crotone, and also the opening match of the Champions League, which will see Juventus fly to the Ukraine to take on Dynamo Kiev.

He faces a race against time if he wants to be fit for the eagerly awaited meeting in the Champions League against Barcelona and his old adversary Lionel Messi.

According to UEFA, a player must be able to give proof he has fully recovered from his illness, at least a week before the start of his game.

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