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Barcelona President Faces No-Confidence Vote

Barcelona President Faces No-Confidence Vote Photo: TT
Barcelona President Faces No-Confidence Vote

Controversial Barcelona President Josep Maria Bartomeu faces a no-confidence vote, after those who want him out gained enough signatures amongst the clubs members to pass the motion.

The club is owned by 150,00 members, and it needs 16,500 to force a referendum. In the end, nearly 21,000 people backed the motion, and he must face a vote on his future within three months.

His current term of office expires in Match next year anyway, and he will not be eligible to stand again, having served his maximum two terms as President.

Bartomeu has become a highly divisive figure at the club, particularly in light of the recent transfer sage involving Lionel Messi, with the Argentine publicly accusing him of bad faith by reneging on an agreement that the pair had that the six-time Ballon DOr winner would be allowed to leave the club for free this summer.

Messi has been an outspoken critic of Bartomeu in recent months, arguing that the club has been allowed to decline on an off the pitch in recent years, and accusing him of a poor investment strategy.

The 33-year old is staying with the club this season, but he has made it clear that it is because he has been forced to against his wishes.

Nor is his treatment of Messi the only complaint against Bartomeu. He is also under investigation by the Catalan police on possible corruption charges relating to a Spanish public relations company who he hired to improve his image, at the expense of some of the players, including Messi and Gerard Piqu. There have been suggestions he agreed to pay the company six times over the going rate for such a deal.

And now Barcelona, who announced losses of 90 million for last season, face a new problem. Former manager Quique Setin and three of his assistants are now suing the club for unfair dismissal after they were all sacked last month.

They claim that they were only informed in writing of their dismissals a month after they were actually sacked and that, to date, they have not received a cent in compensation.

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