Serge Aurier Can Wave His Tottenham Career Goodbye

Serge Aurier Can Wave His Tottenham Career Goodbye
Serge Aurier, Tottenham Hotspur. Photo credit: David Klein/Sportimage via PA Images

Serge Aurier can kiss his Tottenham career goodbye.

The right-back has always been an awkward fit in the side. The 27-year-old was signed in August 2017 for 22.50 million pounds, but has only managed to play a little over 50 times in the Premier League as Mauricio Pochettino and Jose Mourinho struggled to find a place for him in the side.

Not Trusted

He played just eight games during his second Premier League season as Pochettino frequently turned to other options, although he did played 32 out of the last 33 top flight games this season.

Serge Aurier is fantastic going forward and can be used as a real weapon. Mourinho tried to incorporate that ability in his Tottenham Hotspur side by playing a lopsided formation that gave the Ivory Coast international license to roam forward without much regard for his defensive duties.

The former Paris Saint-Germain defender can be an important member of the squad and he has proven so in the past three years. But the problem with the defender is that we see these complete performances too often and with too much inconsistency.

Not Reliable

Everyone could see it wasn’t really a long-term solution moving forward, which is why Spurs signed Matt Doherty from Wolves. Doherty can attack, but he’s also more positionally aware, disciplined and able to defend as well as trouble opposition areas.

As a result of this move, AC Milan are now interested in signing Aurier - said the Daily Mail. Spurs want 18 million for the player, which seems high considering his liabilities and the fact he’s essentially been made surplus to requirements at White Hart Lane.

Milan are willing to pay around 13 million, which would nearly cover the full fee for Doherty - a clear upgrade.


Tottenham chair Daniel Levy will be loath to make a loss on the player, but these are different times and the club have just made a massive admission in their own distrust of the footballer.

It’s been a highly entertaining three years for the neutral observer in regards to watching Aurier at Tottenham, but this ticking time bomb of a defender appears to be close to leaving us forever.

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