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Ronaldinho’s Paraguayan Odyssey Set to End

Ronaldinho’s Paraguayan Odyssey Set to End Photo: TT
Ronaldinho’s Paraguayan Odyssey Set to End

Two-time Ballon Dor winner Ronaldinhos extended Paraguayan Odyssey looks like it is about to come to an end, and he can finally return home to Brazil nearly six months after he left it.

It was on March 6th that Ronaldinho, together with his brother Roberto, flew to Paraguay, where the former Brazilian international was due to promote a book and also participate in a charity event for disadvantaged children.

However, the [air were arrested shortly after their arrival, accused of entering the country on false passports, and then spent a month in jail before being released on US $1.6 million bail. Since April they have remained under house arrest in a luxury hotel in the historic centre of the citys capital Ascunsin.

But now a date of August 24th has been set for the pair to appear before a local judge, and it is now expected that the pair will be released after prosecutors dropped some of the more serios charges of the charges against them.

Instead they have demanded that Ronaldinho pay a US $ 90,000 fine for disturbing the social order. They have also said that, if he then returns to Brazil, that he reports to a judge there every three months for a year.

In the case of his brother Roberto, his likely fine will be US $110,000, and he will be required to report to a local judge every three months over a two-year period.

His sentence will be more severe because it is alleged that he knew about the false documents.

There is still much about the case that is unclear, not the least of which is the fact that Brazilian citizens can travel to Paraguay on ordinary passports, both of which the brothers possess.

How and why the pair came to be in possession of the false documents has never been explained but may be one of the reasons why the remit of the original investigation was expended to include possible money laundering.

However, prosecutors have not gathered enough evidence to support this, and the brothers look like they will finally be allowed to go free.

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