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Manchester United Enrage Football but They Won't Care

Manchester United Enrage Football but They Won't Care Photo: TT
Bruno Fernandes, Manchester United. Photo credit: WOLFGANG RATTAY / POOL / AFP

Manchester United continue to enrage football but they won’t care.

They needed an extra-time penalty from their spot specialist Bruno Fernandes to see their way past Danish minnows Copenhagen and find their way into the semi-final of the Europa League.


Copenhagen are only minnows in the sense of their standing in the world of football compared to Manchester United, who should have the resources to sweep the Superliga side away.

It should not take the Red Devils’ 22nd penalty of the season to beat Copenhagen - something that hasn’t passed by Twitter very kindly. If Ole Gunnar Solskaer is at the wheel, the vehicle he’s driving has been given a sprinkle of fairy dust to get this far without falling apart.

At some stage they’re going to have to get over their reliance on spot kicks, just to give their fans a break on social media if not for anything else.

Hero, Almost

Maybe the right result was delivered. Goalkeeper Karl-Johan Johnsson was in fine form, and you could have been excused for thinking he was auditioning for a role as the United no.1 next season.

Talking about that, this was a night where David de Gea was given some time off and possibly the finest back-up goalkeeper in the Premier League was called on to start.

He has 96 caps for Argentina but has played just 267 professional game - a curious ratio of club to international appearances. In five years at United he’s played 61 times but only seven games in the Premier League.

Another Way

It must be a relief to know that if their rapidly improving forward three of Marcus Rashford, Anthony Martial and Mason Greenwood don’t get you, the shrill peep of the referee’s whistle will.

Fernandes and Paul Pogba are growing in stature as a combination in midfield but that number of 22 is outrageously high and hards back to the good old (or bad) years of Fergie Time.

Detractors will use it as a stick to beat them with, but fans won’t care.

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