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Is Wilfried Zaha's Crystal Palace Aventure Coming to an End

Is Wilfried Zaha's Crystal Palace Aventure Coming to an End Photo: TT
Wilfried Zaha, Crystal Palace. Photo credit: Michael Zemanek/BPI/Shutterstock

Is Wilfried Zaha’s time at Crystal Palace coming to an end?

The Daily Star reported that the former Manchester United forward was pictured pointing and dancing alongside a star that read ‘Zaha to Arsenal’.


Even if it wasn’t a straight up hint, it’s provocative at best and won’t endure him to the fanbase, despite the loyalty the Ivory Coast international has shown Crystal Palace over the years.

Wilfried Zaha has played 327 games for Palace and deserves to be considered an Eagles legend, especially as he’s one of the most skilful and elusive players to come out of their Academy. His return after a brief, unsuccessful, spell with United resulted in 23 goals across three seasons and continued links with sides further up the food chain.


He’s a curious star. When Zaha broke onto the scene, clubs couldn’t wait to get their hands on him but that spell at Old Trafford seems to have burned some fingers and soured reputations.

Palace’s constantly high valuable of him could also put off big bidders, although Nicolas Pepe went for around the same amount that the Eagles wanted for Zaha.


His apparent satisfaction with fiddling about in mid-table and is desire not to rock the boat means the 27-year-old is now entering the final years of his prime not competing at the proper end of the table.

Someone as good as him deserve to win things. Those dancing feet and dazzling skills should be lighting up the biggest clubs around the country, if not the world, while his lack of end product is more myth than reality.


10 goals last season were excellent, and although his performance did dip a little bit this campaign, Zaha was still consistently excellent. Just ask Palace fans.

Will his adventure with his home club now come to an end? With such a high asking price of around 80 million pounds, it’s a little unlikely. Zaha, on the other hand, seems to know something that the rest of his don’t.

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