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Maurizio Sarri Isn't Allowed to Win

Maurizio Sarri Isn't Allowed to Win Photo: TT
Maurizio Sarri, Juventus. Photo credit: REUTERS/Massimo Pinca/File Photo X06511

Former Juventus boss Maurizio Sarri is the only manager who isn’t allowed to win.

There are only a handful of jobs around the world in which success directly leads to failure, and Sarri has trod that sorrowful path twice in two seasons.


First Chelsea fired the Italian after he won the Europa League for the Blues and secured their participation in Champions League football by finishing third in the Premier League, while the Old Lady have sacked the former banker following his Serie A victory.

The final straw for Juventus was the manner of their European exit to French side Lyon, who didn’t do enough to qualify for next season’s competition via their final Ligue 1 position.


Maurizio Sarri is now unemployed after winning two trophies in the last two years.

To add salt into his wounds, Juve announced untested Andrea Pirlo would be their new head coach - just days after he took up the U23 reigns.

Sarri’s sacking shows the ruthless element to football and how one man’s success is another’s failure.

Juventus president Andrea Agnelli must take some criticism for the decision to move for Sarri. Agnelli appointed for the former Napoli boss, who comes with a prescribed way of playing and little concrete success in the Champions League.


But he also took over a squad who were historically poor in Europe, even with Cristiano Ronaldo leading from the front. Sarri clearly needed longer to take the club’s traditions from defence to attack, and Angelli pulling the trigger after just one season is tantamount to admitting his mistake.

What next for the former banker? After two successful failures with big sides, he may turn towards someone who can offer him more of a project, with less instant pressure for results.

Adapting to his methods does take time. Perhaps he’ll have more failures but more success at a mid-sized club in need of a serious revamp.

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