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Gareth Bale's Sad Story Continues

Gareth Bale's Sad Story Continues Photo: TT
Gareth Bale, Real Madrid. Photo credit: REUTERS/Sergio Perez/File Photo X00213

Where next for Real Madrid forward Gareth Bale?

The Welsh international has been requested to be left out of their squad for the game against Manchester City in the Champions League, said [the Independent][1], despite his injury-free status.


This marks another sad point for Gareth Bale and another concern for Real Madrid. He has two-years left on his massive contract with the La Liga side, and doesn’t appear to be going anywhere.

His desire to play for Zinedine Zidane appears to be non-existent.

A combination of his astronomical wages and age mean that Bale isn’t the attractive option he once was and so selling him has proven to be nearly impossible. The 31-year-old has played just 16 times in the league this season, scoring two goals and assisting twice, but his overall record of 80 goals and 46 assists in 171 La Liga appearances is excellent.


We’re seeing a trend for highly paid players to shuffle off into middling obscurity as they fall out of favour with managers and can’t get moves due to their massive wages. Mesut Ozil has been on what amounts of paid leave for most of this season, despite being their highest paid ever player, while Bale, James Rodriguez and Philippe Coutinho all fall into that bracket.

At his age, can the Welsh international afford to sit on the bench for the next few years and still have a career? Where is he going to after leaving Madrid, if he wants to stay in the game. His reputation has never been lower, while the discourse surrounding The Golfer has never been so consistently negative.


Bale has already rejected a move to China, said the [Daily Mail][2], where he would have picked up around one million pounds a week. So it doesn’t seem like the money is an issue for him - perhaps it’s a lifestyle thing.

Or maybe the forward just wants to be loved? He certainly looks happier surrounded by the Welsh squad, where he is clearly adored, than sitting on the stands with Madrid pretending to be asleep or watching the game through a periscope.

This is a sad, slow ending to the career of someone who lit up the world so frequently and on the biggest stage. Nobody knows what will happen next except Bale, and maybe that’s the problem.[1]:[2]:

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