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The Hurt Continues For Newcastle United

The Hurt Continues For Newcastle United Photo: TT
Newcastle United. Photo credit: REUTERS/Eddie Keogh

The hurt continues for Newcastle United.

They’re not allowed nice things up north, you know. They’re not allowed extra government spending, they’re not allowed a portion of the high speed rail network, they’re not allowed a football club owner who cares.

Reverse Goldilocks

Too far from London, too close to Scotland, Newcastle is the last big city in England and that can be why it tends to be forgotten about, or worse, misunderstood.

Doubtless there’ll be thousands who think Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley is doing a good job, and they’ll be recklessly spurred on by ignorant pundits who can’t be bothered to do their research. Or, they’ll be spurred on by pundits like Rio Ferdinand who have business links with Ashley.

The Public Investment Fund takeover, lead by Saudi Arabia, has rumbled on for 16 weeks but it’s rumbling no more. Frustrated of the Premier League, PIF have paffed their offer and shattered thousands of Geordie dreams in the process.


Because they were dreams. Fans of Newcastle have been through thick and thin with little to show for it and are ambiguous about hope. They don’t trust it, but can’t really stop it’s delicious tentacles creeping into hearts and minds.

What they were forced to endure while the rest of the league virtue signalled about Saudi’s human rights record, like Newcastle fans have any more say of that than the British government, should have at least earned them a payoff at the end of it. Instead, they got pelters for even daring to dream about something different.

Back In Your Box

How dare you, little northern men? Know your place. That’s not what they wrote but it’s what they meant.

And now an entire fanbase has to pick up the pieces, take a deep breath and force themselves to go again with an owner who doesn’t care and definitely won’t sanction any of the spending the club desperately needs.

Isn’t that something nice to look forward to?

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