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Mesut Ozil Forces Arsenal Showdown

Mesut Ozil Forces Arsenal Showdown Photo: TT
Mesut Ozil, Arsenal. Photo credit: ANDREW MATTHEWS

Mesut Ozil has forced an Arsenal showdown.

The playmaker has been a divisive figure for a long time. Some fans hate him, some fans love him and the conversation always circles back to the Gunners’ highest paid player whenever the side is struggling.


At his best, there’s nobody else like Mesut Ozil. The German international has a wand of a foot and can spot players and runs that owls at night would have difficulty picking out.

For the last seven games, he’s had a mystery back problem but the player has declared himself fit and therein lies the rub.

Because Arsenal head coach Mikel Arteta doesn’t think he is, reported the Daily Mail. Mikel Arteta thinks that his ‘best’ player won’t be ready by the time Liverpool come to the Emirates.

He Said She Said

Ozil clearly doesn’t feel the same way, and took to Twitter to show the world that he was ready for first team football. The playmaker captioned a picture of himself taking part in training with I AM READY. It remains to be seen what, exactly, he’s ready for.

If there’s one thing we’ve seen from the new Arsenal boss, it’s that he doesn’t take players trying to exercise their power well. It’s his way or the highway as the former assist to Pep Guardiola has implemented a rigid structure at Arsenal.

Matto Guendouzi has found out the hard way just what confrontation with Emirates staff will mean: training alone. No matter the skill or the value of the player, if Arteta doesn’t want you in you’re out.

Why Always Him

It just happens that Ozil is the club’s most expensive one, and the lighting rod for fan dissatisfaction whenever things are going badly.

By forcing the issue on social media, this is only going to end one way for the player. But at least it exposes a little bit of the inner workings at the Emirates.

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