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Where Next For Joe Hart?

Where Next For Joe Hart? Photo: TT
Burnley, Joe Hart. Photo credit: Anthony Devlin

Where next for Joe Hart?

The former Manchester City and England international has been released by Burnley and is now in uncharted waters.

First Time

It’s the first time Hart has been without a club in his professional career, and will need to navigate the tricky post-COVID waters with care.

Where does he go next?

Joe Hart has tried the lower-end of the Premier League with West Ham and Burnley and that hasn’t worked. He’s tried the overseas experiment with Torino in Italy and that didn’t work either.


He played 37 times in Serie A, the last time Hart was a regular starter, before 23 games with the Hammer and 24 for Burnley in two years.

Oh yeah, and the 33-year-old also has 75 caps for England.

His fall from grace has been swift and surprising, but will he be able to fall even further to pick himself back up?

Could the Championship be an option, could America or Australia be an option? Maybe China?

Needs Love

He begged for someone to trust him, as reported by the BBC, but with his last four years will there be anyone willing to take a punt if he doesn’t meet them half-way and lower the wage request?

Hart has had an incredible career and then he has had an awful career, but surely he’ll manage to yo-yo back to the middle ground at some point over the next six months.

Lots Left

As a goalkeeper, he can certainly offer five more years at the highest level (if he keeps himself fit). There must be a diamond in there, ready to be discovered once more. With some confidence in him, perhaps Hart can get some of his old self and start to challenge for an England place once more.

There is a wise investment ready to be made. Hart will need to accept lower wages and now he’s on a free. He’s got experience. He could mentor. We don’t know where is next for him, but this chapter can’t be over.

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