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Serie A Returns but with a Twist in the Tale

Serie A Returns but with a Twist in the Tale Photo: TT
Serie A Returns but with a Twist in the Tale

Serie A has become the latest European football league to announce its return, with the countrys Sports Minister Vincenzo Spadafore confirming that the football season can resume on June 20th.

It follows sign-off by the countrys Technical and Scientific Committee (CTS) on a health protocol which has been draw up by league chiefs.

Now league chiefs and clubs are set to meet to decide how to play the outstanding 127 matches, plus finalise the Italian Cup as well.

However, there is a twist in the tale which, some have argued, may make completion of the league season a virtual impossibility.

With all players and staff at clubs set to be regularly tested for coronavirus, the CTS are insisting that if one employee at a club tests positive for the virus, then the entire squad would need to quarantine for a 14 day period. They would not then be allowed to resume training until there had been two consecutive negative tests.

Club doctors argue that this is inequitable, and would not occur in any other Italian workplace. For example, if somebody in a factory or office tested positive, then only they would be required to self-isolate, not the entire workforce with healthy employees forced to stay at home.

The Bundesliga faced a similar position when it was planning its own resumption, with the government and medical authorities there insisting on complete isolation for the entire squad in the case of a positive result.

However, in that case a compromise was reached, and now only the individual concerns needs to quarantine themselves.

The Premier League has adopted a similar rule.

Given that the incidence of coronavirus in Italy, although far below peak levels of several months ago, is still an ongoing issue, the likelihood of somebody testing positive between now and the end of the season remains relatively high.

In the event that happens, then the entire fixture list could be thrown into chaos once more, and given that matches now have to be scheduled during the height of the Italian summer, make completing the campaign in a reasonable timeframe highly improbable.

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