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La Liga Gets the Green Light Again

La Liga Gets the Green Light Again Photo: TT
La Liga Gets the Green Light Again

Spains Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has given La Liga permission to begin again from June 8 - although, in all likelihood, the actual return date will be either June 12th or June 19th.

The Spanish second division will also resume once more on the same date.

It means that La Liga will become the second major European league to resume, after the Bundesliga in Germany.

And, much as in Germany, the same strict health and safety protocols will need to be observed. No fans will be allowed in grounds, no elaborate celebrations or handshakes will be allowed, players and officials on the side-lines will need to wear masks and guidelines on social distancing observed. In addition, players and staff will need to be regularly tested for coronavirus, and will need to isolate in hotels before games to prevent the risk of transmission.

Earlier this week, players at la Liga clubs were allowed to begin training again, although no more than ten were allowed to congregate together at any one time.

When the league was halted in March, all clubs had played 27 games, meaning that there were still eleven roads of fixtures to complete. The Spanish league will now need to work out a timetable to allow all the remaining games to be played in a limited timeframe, given the need to try and start the 202122 campaign on time.

Despite the logistical and sporting challenges that they now face, the clubs will be relieved about the decision to allow them to resume the league once more. Experts had put the estimated collective revenue loss if the season had been abandoned at 1 billion (US $1.1 billion). Playing the rest of the season behind closed doors reduces this to a more manageable US $300 million (US $327 million).

Medical experts have warned that football cannot let down its guard and that strict health measures need to be observed at all time. And Sanchez has also cautioned that, if the incidence of Covid-19 cases in the country begins to edge up again, his government will not hesitate to shut football down once more.

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