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Football Isolation Has Been The Great Leveller

Football Isolation Has Been The Great Leveller Photo: TT
Liverpool midfielder Fabinho. Photo credit: Han Yan.

This week we’ve seen that football isolation has been the great leveller.

How good has it been to watch everyone returning to first team training with their barnets in all sorts of trouble.

While COVID-19 hasn’t really much of a leveller in terms of access to healthcare or testing, we can finally bring down the sporting megastars to our level.

Same Problems

For weeks and weeks and weeks we’ve seen all sorts of attempts to make lockdown feel more human. And it sounds silly, but the line hairdressers and barbers have been peddling to us for generations really does hold true: look good, feel good.

Nobody, especially the men, want to wallow in their four weeks of beard and hair growth and emerge from it all looking like a trawlerman who got lost at sea for a decade.

Dodgy Do’s

Home cuts have become all the rage, and we’ve seen some shockers. Buzzcocks gone wrong, fringes that were last seen back in the bad old days of the 1970s, the lot. We’ve had the lot.

And now, we can see what happens when you deny a bunch of wealthy, image conscious individuals the tools of their trade for a few weeks.

Liverpool forward Roberto Firmino has come back looking a little more like Shirley Temple then we ever thought was possible, while Sadio Mane has grown in a hairline that few would have thought was possible.


It’s been refreshing and entertaining to see them get their life back underway after suffering the same sort of challenge that has plagued the rest of society.

Football might have the money to test the players twice a week, but at least with your haircut they have been reduced to the same level as the fans who help pay their wages.

At least we can thank COVID-19 for that.

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