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Premier League Players Ready to Revolt

Premier League Players Ready to Revolt Photo: TT
Premier League Players Ready to Revolt

Premier League players are ready to revolt over plans to complete the league campaign behind closed doors.

The league season in England has been postponed until April 30th at the earliest because of the Covod-19 outbreak, but faced with breaching lucrative broadcasting and sponsorship contracts if the current campaign is not completed before a certain date, the Premier League are desperate to finish it.

As a consequence they have drawn up various plans which include playing games behind closed doors, hosting two or three games on the same day, and limiting games to two or three central locations in order to minimise the amount of unnecessary travel.

The postponement of Euro 2020 last week has meant that a window has opened up in the calendar which would allow domestic fixtures to be played beyond the planned end of the season into the summer.

However, plans to begin playing matches again as early as May 2nd or 3rd could soon flounder on reports that players from all levels of the game are strongly opposed to the idea and have voiced their concerns. They believe that, given government instructions over social distancing, taking to the field, even in empty stadiums, could put their own health at risk and those of their families.

There is also a concern about the additional strain that hosting matches would place on the emergency services, potentially diverting valuable frontline resources away from where they are needed most at the moment, which is combating the spread of the virus.

It comes at a time when most Premier League players are in self-isolation, with the UK government enacting legislation to force people to say at home, unless they have to go out for work, to buy essential supplies, to exercise, or to go for a medical appointment.

Elsewhere in Spain, the country that is rapidly overtaking Italy as the epicentre of the virus outbreak in Europe, all football has been suspended indefinitely, and will not resume until the government decides it is safe to do so without any health risks.

And with calls also tor the Italian league season to be abandoned, the Premier League appears out of step with its own players and their peers in the rest of Europe.

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