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Show Goes On at Some Places Despite Coronavirus Shutdown

Show Goes On at Some Places Despite Coronavirus Shutdown Photo: TT
Sport in Europe Has Stopped

Although sport has been virtually cancelled across the globe in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, there are still places where things are proceeding as normal.

One is Australia where football (soccer) and rugby league are still proceeding as normal, despite the decision that was taken over the weekend to postpone the indigenous Australian Rules Football season after just one game, amidst concerns over public health and safety.

The NRL (National Rugby League) has said that it is their intention to go on with their season until specifically advised by the government not to do so, whilst the A-League football administrators are repeating the same message.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the globe in Belarus, football is still being played. It is now the last bastion in Europe still holding out, after Turkey postponed their own league last Thursday.

Perhaps it is not surprising in a country whose president seems blissfully unaware of the dangers posed by the deadly virus, Last week President Alexander Lukashenko suggested that the best way to combat the virus was to use tractor therapy, and that working in the fields is the best way to heal everybody. The dictator has also insisted that the Belarussians do not suffer from the same psychosis as the rest of the people in Western Europe.

Meanwhile, the streets, bars and restaurants in the countrys towns and cities are still full of people going about their normal business, whilst most of the rest of the world is in virtual lockdown.

Another neighbouring country that is largely ignoring the virus is Russia, which claims to have had very few cases of the disease (although that is viewed with some scepticism by foreign observers). And, despite a ban on mass gatherings, some sport is still continuing, with many ice hockey players coming to the country to carry on playing after the NHL (National Hockey League) was closed down in the United States.

For these remaining enclaves of sport, the show continues for the time being, although the question remains how long can they hold out before they too recognise the inevitable and bring a halt to proceedings.

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