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Liberato Cacace Calls for Nix to Break 10,000

Liberato Cacace Calls for Nix to Break 10,000 Photo: TT
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Wellington Phoenix starlet Liberato Cacace has called for fans to break the 10,000 mark for their next home game.

The A-League side play Newcastle Jets on Friday 24th - a match that could see in an 11th game unbeaten for the Black and Yellow.

But first the Nix have to get past former Liverpool star Robbie Fowler’s Brisbane Roar on Saturday to continue their highly impressive run of form. Cacace has been one of the men behind their hot streak and scored the second goal of the game as Wellington beat Western Sydney 2-0.

Big shoes to walk in

Despite being 19-years-old, the young Kiwi has already made 11 appearances this campaign and has played 45 times for the Phoenix. He is one of the emerging players that excite fans, just like Sarpreet Singh did before him, and Cacace has called for them to come out in force to watch them take on the Jets.

“There’s a general buzz around, I’ve been going to cafes with a lot of the lads and there are more people coming up and saying well done, which is very positive,” he said.

“It shows we have a lot of support and hopefully we can continue that, and more people can come and we can hit that 10,000 in the next game.”

The Nix have been keen to tie key players to long-term deals, but there are huge question marks over the future of Cacace. He has just 18 months left on his contract, and if Wellington want to make money through his sale that will need to have time added to it.

Need to be smart

Singh’s departure to Bayern Munich brought in some much needed funds and enabled the Nix to pay for a player for the first time in their history, but now they must box clever with their latest starlet and ensure they get maximum value for money when his time to depart comes.

Like all professionals in the A-Lague, Cacace has hopes of leaving for Europe one day. That moment may come sooner rather than later, and the Nix can’t afford to be caught off guard.

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