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Change of Plan Brings Success for the Nix

Change of Plan Brings Success for the Nix Photo: TT
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After a slow start to the 2018/2019 A-League campaign, Wellington Phoenix have found some form and momentum thanks to two consecutive 2-1 wins.

First the Nix beat Brisbane Roar and then went toe-to-toe with bogey side Adelaide United and came away as winners. Lose comparisons have been made between their 10 run unbeaten period during 2018/2019 and these fledgling roots of success has been made, but captain Steven Taylor believes things are different this time around and he wants the Phoenix to model their game on Premier League leaders Liverpool.

“We drew a lot of games last year and we found a way to win,” said Taylor. “We had Roy Krishna last year who pulled things out of nowhere. I think were playing better football this season, were more controlled, were dominating possession.”

United had won their previous four games in a row but Wellington found a way to outplay the South Australian side and come away from the game with a huge win. These are the sorts of performances that will do wonders for a groups confidence and Taylor agrees.

“Going to Adelaide and outplaying them, causing them problems, its been a while since we’ve done that.”

You score one we’ll score two

This side are terrible at keeping clean sheets and its been 20 games since the last time the Phoenix didn’t concede a goal, but despite being a central defender that’s not a fact that worries the former Newcastle United player.

“It doesn’t bother me about that (no clean sheets), the main thing is winning games. I look at Liverpool and the teams back home and they just get wins and find a way to win.”

Taylor grew up watching Kevin Keegan play high octane football as he nearly took Newcastle United to the title and that is a method the Geordie identifies with.“Sometimes you have to take risks and that’s what we do, sometimes you have to accept they’ll score,” he added.

With Gary Hooper in the side and former Chelsea man Ulises Dvila scoring five goals in seven appearances, they certainly can outshoot any side in the league.

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