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Lionel Messi Suspended Due to Negative CONMEBOL Comments

Lionel Messi Suspended Due to Negative CONMEBOL Comments Photo: TT

Last Friday, CONMEBOL, the governing body of South American soccer has announced that soccer legend Lionel Messi will be suspended from international soccer for a good three months. Messi will also need to pay a fine of $50,000 after making some negative comments during Copa America.

Messi was making some highly critical comments against the organization, accusing CONMEBOL of corruption. This was after he received a red card when playing against Chile for third-place. Messi went on to state that he believed CONMEBOL had actually been favoring Brazil throughout the tournament as well.

The captain of Argentina’s soccer team was upset when he found out that his team was denied two penalty claims while playing against Brazil. As a result, they lost during the semifinals. He then stated that the Brazil was “managing a lot” in the organization lately.

During the next match, Messi was still clearly upset over his dismissal that he stated, “Corruption and the referees are preventing people from enjoying the football, and they’re ruining it a bit.”

Upon suspension, however, CONMEBOL did not provide any information or details as to why Messi was being suspended. The statement on their website simply indicated that the punishment was related to articles in their disciplinary regulations. Articles 7.1 and 7.2 refer to “offensive, insulting behavior or making defamatory protests of any kind” as well as “breaching the decisions, directives or orders of the judicial bodies,” respectively.

Messi will be suspended from games starting August 3, and will last for 90 days. During such time, Messi will not be able to play against Chile, Mexico, and Germany.

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