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France Wins Second World Cup Title

France Wins Second World Cup Title Photo: TT

Fresh from their exhilarating win at the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, the French National team stayed a while at the pitch for a few minutes, revelling at their happy ending that will be remembered for many years to come.

The team composed of many gifted players were able to overcome the challenge Croatia’s excellent national team had posed. They held on and showed their determination to come out victorious in a match that they struggled to completely control. As a result, Les Bleus emerged singing and shouting as if unsure as to how they could express their joy. According to Benjamin Pavard, “The party is only getting started. This is just the beginning: we’re going to savour this win for four years!”

The team revelled in their victory as they congratulated each other, happy and beside themselves in the lockers. No one except Les Bleus coach Didier Deschamps could express their feelings properly. He said, “This is amazing, it’s the pinnacle: France are on top of the world! It’s really fantastic. Kudos to the team and my staff. We’ve spent 55 days working hard together.” Deschamps is the third man in history to win at the World Cup as a coach and a player. He follows the footsteps of Franz Beckenbauer and Mario Zagallo.

As their coach headed off to attend the press conference, the team ambushed him with a douse of champagne and beer. At that point, they were able to release all their pent-up tension and stress throughout the past month when they lived and worked as one.

Their unity has reaped rewards. Unlike the 1998 team, though, this group is aware of the impact a victory at the World Cup can have. After all, they have already seen how life-changing it has been for their predecessors since their victory.

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