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The most interesting sports for the fans

Athletes around the world are addicted to various sports, drawing fans to blue screens and benches are the stadiums. There are less popular, but not less amazing kinds of sport.

For example, one of the most interesting types is chess boxing. And here the athletes have not only to have military skills, but also mental flexibility, and strategy of chess. So the beginning of the rounds begins with several minutes (up to 3) of chess competitions, then there is a sparring game of boxing. And so eleven rounds. Thus, as the result there is summing the points of two players.

So if one of the rivals puts the chess Mat to another, the game automatically ends and the winner is already determined, if the fight is over by knockout, there is also the cessation of the game and the winner is determined. Not all players who wish to play such kinds of games, are allowed to do it. Only those boxers who have defended already 10 fights on round, are allowed to do so, A chess rating also must not be below 10 000 in a certain League. Direct participants of the competition say that this is not an easy sport, switching from one activity to another is not always successful.

No less exciting and very impressionable sport is eating different kinds of products, for example, nettle. This amazing championship is held annually in England. Oh, those British what they don’t come up. Participants will consume about two bushes of nettles. All events last approximately one hour. Nettle leaves in a person’s mouth and a variety of unpleasant feelings, burning and tingling. This effect may persist up to several weeks in the mouth. In addition, another unpleasant aspect is the laxative effect. The winner is determined very easily, a person will eat more nettles. Despite the strange form of entertainment, this thing attracts thousands of participants and fans every year.

Adventurous sports can easily be of interest to many inhabitants of our planet. Ice hockey is gaining popularity every year; millions of people are not only ardent fans but also the direct participants of this winter sport. But hockey is also taken to the pool under the water. So a thirty-degree putter helps the participants to score the puck, which weighs three pounds. The standard period lasts fifteen minutes. During this time, the participants, dressed in scuba diving or normal mask, has to emerge for a sip of air and to track where the puck is.

At least the original passion is blasting fireplace. These competitions are traditionally held in England, the point is to place explosives at various sites below to make the explosion not only powerful, but beautiful, and shake the entire audience. So one of the champions was a woman, Win Wiserol, who struck the audience with the bombings in about fourteen fireplaces.

Another kind of sport is running backwards. Not just for speed but also ahead of the opponent. 7.5 km per hour is the average speed, which was achieved by the winner, he ran a mile in just 13 minutes.

The human imagination is so varied that periodically it pops up sports and hobbies that affect consciousness.

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