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Most Controversial Transfers in the History of Football

Most Controversial Transfers in the History of Football Photo: TT

Football or soccer is considered by many people as the most popular type of sport in the world. There are so many people who love to watch soccer matches in this world, whether watch it via TV or watch the match directly on the stadium. Some people might also love to play soccer with their friends as well. People who love soccer must have their own favorite soccer team. They even have their own favorite soccer players as well. There are also so many interesting aspects that you can follow in soccer world. One of the most interesting aspects in soccer is transfer. Sometimes people will predict the transfer while on the other times, transfer can become something that quite controversial instead.

Transfer in soccer is basically a common thing. Players don’t stay only in one soccer team. They might be bought by other team or sold by their own team. The money that is spent on transfer may also vary as well. One player might have different price than other players. Sometimes transfer can be quite controversial since it doesn’t follow fans’ expectation. Transfer can be controversial also because sometimes a club buy player with too high price. Below are several transfers in soccer that are considered as the most controversial transfers in football history.

Money is considered as one of the main reasons that trigger a player to move to other team. Player’s status or player’s title might also become reason why certain player wants to move to certain club. One of the most controversial transfers that occur recently is Ched Evans’ transfer. Ched Evans is known as an ex rapist that have been sentenced a few years ago. This year, Evans is reported will be joining Oldham after he‘s being released from prison a few months ago. The last time he played soccer is when he joined Sheffield United. Actually, his performance is quite great by scoring 35 goals on 42 appearances. But unfortunately, the fans refuse him to go back to that club.

Evans is also rejected by other clubs as well. The clubs that reject Evans are including Hartepool and Tranmere. Lucky for him this time Oldham want his talent. But on the other hand, Oldham also needs to deal with threat of losing some sponsors and supporters due to their decision to buy Evans. The supporters of this team even create online petition to refuse Evans’ will to join the team. This Evans’ transfer controversy reminds us to several other controversial transfers that occur in Europe. Sometimes, popular players from various teams don’t feel hesitate to move to other club that becomes rival for their club. These players also search for higher payment by moving to other club and leave some damages to the old club of them.

One of the most controversial transfer in football history according to judi online occurred back in 1983. The main focus on this controversy is Johan Cruyff. Cruyff is a football player who is also considered as a legend from Netherland. His transfer became controversy since he decided to move to Feyenoord which is considered as rival for his old team, Ajax. The reason why Cruyff decided to move to Feyenoord is because he never get new contract in Ajax. Cruyff had his revenge by winning the league and take league cup in his first season with Feyenoord. However, in e end Cruyff decide to go back to Ajax and take a role as coach to this team.

Other football player who is known for his controversial transfer is Roberto Baggio. Just like Johan Cruyff, Roberto Baggio is also one of the legends in football. He’s being transferred from Fiorentina to Juventus in 1990. This transfer become one of the most controversial transfers in football history since it involves rage and turmoil that is performed by fans. This turmoil occurred in Florence and caused several numbers of fans gets injured on the streets of Florence. When he’s already joined Juventus, Baggio once refused to perform penalty kick in a match against Fiorentina and he chooses to kiss the purple shawl that becomes the symbol of Fiorentina’s pride instead. That time, he finally confessed that he is forced to move to Turin.

Luis Figo is another football player who is known for his controversial transfer. Back in 2000, Figo is transferred from Barcelona to Madrid. This transfer is considered as one of the most controversial transfers in football history. Luis Figo is football player from Portugal. His transfer from Barcelona to Madrid almost makes his old team face destruction. That time, Figo broke the world record of transfer with transfer that is priced for 37 million pounds. Figo also received Ballon d’Or award in his first season. The most memorable thing about his transfer from Barcelona to Madrid is the incident of pig head throwing that is performed by Barcelona’s fans when Madrid came to Camp Nou.

In 2001, Sol Campbell’s transfer from Tottenham to Arsenal also became one of the most controversial transfers in football history as well. When he’s still joining Spurs, Campbell said that he will never play for the rival of his team which is also came from the same city. Arsenal is considered as the most hated football team in the town. But what happens latter blows everyone’s mind. Campbell rejects the new contract. He also refuses other offers that came from various elite clubs in Europe as well. He chooses to move to arsenal instead with free transfer status. Fans of Spurs call Campbell ‘Judas’ until today for his betrayal.

In 2006, there is a player who has been transferred from Arsenal to Chelsea. This player is Ashley Cole. Cole’s career is improving that time. He gets so many highlights. Then he gets offer of 90,000 pounds salary per weeks from Chelsea that is rejected by Arsenal later on. Cole is disappointed by this decision since that club only pays him 55,000 pounds. Few days later, he’s been caught in the act when he attended closed meeting with Jose Mourinho and Peter Kenyon without Arsenal’s knowledge. Due to this scandal, Cole is fined 100,000 pounds by FA.

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