Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo has finally ended his transfer saga by publicly declaring that he is staying at Old Trafford next season but has hinted that he is certainly anticipating a move to Real Madrid before long.

cristiano ronaldo

In an interview with Publico, the 23-year old Portuguese winger made it clear that he intends to stay on at Manchester for next season. He also revealed why he was so eager to board ship at the end of the last season, citing that he was eager for a new challenge.

Ronaldo said:

“After winning the Champions League, I felt that in five years I had helped the team win everything there was to win. We had won two league titles in a row and I had won the majority of individual awards, top goal-scorer of the Premier League and the Champions League in Europe.

“I thus felt that maybe I needed a new challenge. On the other hand, I had never hidden that I wished to play in Spain, namely at Real Madrid, and I thought this could be the moment to do it. Manchester and Real are probably the two biggest clubs in the world and that would never be an easy decision. Besides the new challenge that I sought, everyone understands that the Spanish lifestyle and culture are a lot closer to the Portuguese ones. These were, in fact, the reasons that made me ponder.”

So is the Cristiano Ronaldo transfer saga finally over? Thank God, it has!!!!!

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