Thursday, August 6, 2008 – The US women’s soccer team got off to a bad start on Wednesday.abby wambach

All the women’s soccer teams played Wednesday (and the men’s teams will play on Thursday) before the Olympics Opening Ceremony (which is scheduled to take place on Friday), due to the amount of teams participating.

The US women started off slow and paid for it, going down two goals within the first five minutes. Norway wasn’t able to score again… but the US team wasn’t able to score at all.

The US team had suffered a dehabilitating blow a few weeks ago, when leading scorer Abby Wambach broke her left leg against Brazil in the team’s final warmup match ahead of the Summer Games.

It remains to be seen if the US will be able to recover from that blow, and rebound from this disconcerting loss.

Cathy gale
Sports Pundit member

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