A sensational story has been making the rounds on Monday and it pertains to a struggling English Premier League club to an Indian business tycoon.

anil ambani

According to a News of the World exclusive, Indian billionaire Anil Ambani is set to launch a massive bid for the Premier League club Newcastle United in the wake of the club owner Mike Ashley admitting that he is finding it tough to manage the escalating budget.

Reports linking the Reliance Communications chairman have suddenly sprouted. It’s been revealed that indeed Ambani and his Reliance group are very much keen on the project and that the finalization of the bid is just days away.

Anil Ambani is worth 42 billion US dollars and is the sixth richest man in the world. His takeover of Newcastle would not only help the club get some much needed cash and assurance of stability but it shall also open a tiny window of opportunity for Indian football and players to create their market in the Premiership.

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