Any team must comply with the rules set at the start of the race. If this is not done, the ending positions of the race will harm time penalties. While the entire collection of official rules was not released, specific laws were unveiled during the different race editions. At designated points, the pit lane begins and ends. The pit entry and the pit exit lanes form part of the route. Drivers from the pit lane will rejoin the bundle about their place on the Racing Surface and the safety cars after crossing the mixing line. The blend line is the sequence timeline.


The blend line is the drawn line that defines the exit from the pit lane to the race. It stops new racing cars from traveling across the stands in track traffic. Competitors are penalized when they pass the blend line to ensure they reach the highest pace before rejoining the race.

The blend line is the timeline for determining the pit lane’s sequential car order under Yellow Condition compared to cars. If you leave the pit lane or refuse to follow the direction, you can be penalized. The firm shall not review and appeal the order’s decision in the race.


Behind the pace of the car, all rally cars line up to avoid the blend line penalty. When the starting point provides the signal to launch, the pace car pulls the course, and the coach begins to drive up in the pole position. Unless the vehicle has taken evasive steps, a car cannot advance or hold a spot on other cars due to a tour of the Racing Surface. Before the Green Condition is announced, all drivers can retain their relative position. If a driver improves his/her status poorly before the Green Condition announcement, the driver can be punished.

Teams must have one vehicle from the beginning of their first session to the completion of the course. Teams who crash a car in practice or qualification will switch to a backup car, but if they race another vehicle from the original control car, the car would have to start on the rear of the track and avoid blend line violation. Motor and transmission modifications are forbidden on a race weekend except in roads and Pocono races. The transmission between the race for safety and the qualification is subject to tension since the motors for mid tracks are reserved for use only in intermediate trails.