Armchair Enthusiast

Vintage sports cars are an incurable obsession for some people. No one knows this better than Jeff Porasik, an almost 20 years old antique car racer and driver. As a financial planner, he knows how to deal with his fellow enthusiasts’ financial desires and worries. For now, soon, and in the future, you have a lot to plan. It is why Jeff and his colleagues even see wide-ranging financial preparation. Financial preparation is not an investment product but an ongoing project to help you meet your objectives by strategic choices. You need to learn about your ambitions and the future you intend to do so that you can customize a roadmap to lay it out and become an armchair enthusiast.

Alternatively, an armchair enthusiast follows motor racing mostly on TV and the internet and reads books and magazines. It can include someone who plays video games in a competition. It acts as a driver of a race car without a race car on a route. It is an automobile website user who spends much of his spare time looking for racing goods for his race car that does not already exist. Research may also involve driving tactics, constructing a race car, proper setup for that racing car, etc.


Many people who love car racing do not race in real life. Some fans prefer to watch races at home and become an armchair enthusiast. They usually do not participate in racing matches, and their goal is to support and watch their favorite racers in the game. Enthusiastic people are those with a passion for cars or other motor vehicles, including the industry which manufactures and their culture. They love and appreciate them with great enjoyment and reasons beyond their simple, practical importance of merely carrying people from A-to-B-point.

Auto-life and culture can be enjoyed in theory, even without the need to be a licensed driver or a car, because the car industry offers an almost limitless range of things to want, like being an armchair enthusiast. From the esthetics of good car design, the more profound and complex history and tradition of the industry, to the excitement of how a high-speed engine can give you the thriller.

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