Red Bull has been a known name on the racing circuits across the world. They have a team in almost every level of motorsports and almost across all genres. They have two teams in the Formula One level and one at the MotoGP level as well as a team at the NASCAR Sprint Cup.

The team started racing in 2007 in the NEXTEL Cup series and has now moved into the Sprint Cup series with two Toyota Camrys driven by Brian Vickers and A. J. Allmendinger. Roger Penske’s old shop was purchased and converted into the Red Bull bunker. Dodge Chargers, many, were bought and parked on the floor of the shop. The chargers came from Bill Davis Racing in 2006. After their first shot at qualification, in 2006, failed three times out of three, the team decided to gear up for a full season but before that, they needed some changes.

Country United States United States
City Mooresville
Founded 2006

In came Toyota, another major manufacturer in the latest line to join NASCAR, with their Camrys became the two team cars. Both drivers have faced many reliability issues and track problems but things began to improve slowly as they went through the 2007 season. Still a newbie at the sport, Red Bull knows that they are still in the learning phase and things will continue to improve as time goes on.