Owned by Richard Petty, Kyle Petty and Boston Ventures, the Petty Enterprises team fields Dodge Chargers. The #43 Cheerios/Betty Crocker Dodge is driven by Bobby Labonte while the #45 Marathon Petroleum Company/Wells Fargo Dodge is driven by Kyle Busch himself.

The most distinct and unique feature of the #43 car is the colour. Known as “Petty Blue”, the colour came about when the team didn’t have enough white or dark blue paint to cover the entire car. They decided to mix the two colours and the resultant blue was something that stuck. Richard Petty didn’t allow STP to sponsor his car until and unless they allowed the colour to stay as it was. The car was finally painted half-and-half in the Petty Blue and the STP Red.

Country United States United States
City Mooresville
Founded 1969

The team was moved to Mooresville in 2007 as the owners felt that there was this need to move ahead and for that, this move was extremely essential. Whether this move to a new location works out or not for the team, is something we will have to wait and watch but with Kyle leading many race wins and pulling out many stops, it is unlikely that the team will be looking back anytime soon.