Pit stops used to be slow and drab. They were a break for the driver while their crew got into the act in servicing the car. Well, that’s how it was in the olden days in all forms of motorsports. Pit stops would take a lot of time and drivers would generally switch off their cars and even grab a smoke at times. But things changed when the Wood Brothers got into the act of racing cars. They realised, what we may consider obvious, that by shortening the time spent by the car, and driver, in the pit lane, they actually improved their track position. This simple observation led them to create what we now call, a Pit Stop.

The Wood Brothers began winning races and soon, everyone saw why! But the Wood Brothers didn’t stop at that. They continually refined and improved their technique, perfecting it as they went to give them greater advantage over their rivals.

Country United States United States
City Harrisburg
Founded 1950

The team has a long history and has had many greats sitting behind the wheels of their cars. Drivers of the likes of Curtis Turner, Fireball Roberts, Tiny Lund, Speedy Thompson and many others ran for the team.

The team dominated the sport in the mid-60s and throughout the 70s. In 1085, a major collaboration between the Petty family and the Wood Brothers meant that Kyle Petty would drive a Woods car, thus forming an incredible union. The Woods family began to take part in the race team and soon, Eddie and Len, the two sons, began to play a more active role in the team’s decision making on race-day. After some serious injuries to Neil Bonnett, their talismanic driver from the past, the team decided that it was time to bring in a certain Dale Jarrett.

Jarrett rolled in many wins and that continued an incredible tradition for the Wood Brothers Racing team. Every driver who had ever sat behind the wheel of a Woods Racing Car, for a full season, had won at least one race. This record still stands today.

With a rich heritage behind them, the team always goes out onto the track with a lot of heavy expectations resting on their shoulders. The team competes in the NASCAR Sprint Cup, the NASCAR Nationwide Series as well as the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series. With a recent drop in form, they formed a merger with Tad and Jodi Geschickter of JTG Racing, in 2006, but the deal fell down in 2008 after differences cropped up. Out on their own again, the team will be looking to gain some of their old glory back.