Birth date 29 Dec 1969 (49 years)
Nationality United States United States

Born into a racing family, it was only natural that Patty Moise would follow in their footsteps. But the urge to try out the sport only happened after Patty received her racing license at the age of 16, and soon started racing road courses, with the former IMSA Series.

Her first NASCAR Busch Series race was in 1986, where Patty became the first woman to lead a Busch series event. This was an important start to her NASCAR career. Patty remained involved with numerous races and set many racing records in the process, including having the best Busch Series finish for a woman, at that time.

Regarding being a female driver, Patty remarked, “Well, I never really looked at it from that point of view, since I always see myself as a race-car driver, not as a woman driving a car”. She goes on to add, “This series is so highly competitive that my concerns are more about how my car is working as opposed to if I am the only woman competing”.

In the year 1990, Patty married Elton Sawyer, also fellow Busch Series driver, after they met at an auto show. They have both raced together in the Busch Series, with intense battle between the couple. “I think it’s great for us to be able to work together, it allows us to spend time with each other”. Patty exclaimed. “Even though the level of concentration is so high during the race, you don’t notice other drivers, even my husband. But deep down inside I can tell you that passing Elton for a win would make for some interesting conversation during the ride home from the race”, she added.

In 1998, Patty participated in her last race in the Busch Series, and made 19 starts in her Ford Taurus, which was owned by Cup Series driver, Michael Waltrip.